Liopleurodonian Wisdom: A Tale of Two Whores

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On a very hot day at the end of May, Julie kindly let Kat move into her house for the summer (because Kat going back to Indiana for the summer was so not an option). Needless to say, much late night insanity ensued over the following weeks. While frequently our dynamic duo would make passing mention of recording their various hijinks and adventures in some form, neither took the final step to push their lives in the public domain. Then one night, during an AIM conversation that went something like this...

Kat: we should seriously have a show
Kat: or some like, joint LJ account where we chronicle our adventures
Julie: theres a whore
Julie: in my lap
Kat: and copy/paste random IM convos
Julie: haha yes yes
Julie: go go
Julie: make it

...and so she did. Thus, this journal was born.

Getting Aquainted With Your Whores:

Kat aka of_heliodora aka Skankwhore aka Ginger Spice: Obsessed with coffee, Alton Brown, reality tv shows about rich people, craigslist, the eternal job hunt, the indie scene, poetry, books, literary type things in general, and wireless internet. The lazy, party happy, litgeek, pseudo-intellectual one. Approach with caution when she has not had her morning...er afternoon cup of coffee.

Julie aka mustbejewel aka Green Tea Whore aka GT Ho aka Scary Spice: Addicted to green tea, waffles, ponies, drawing, painting, singing, guitar-playing, horseback riding, and other nature-oriented earth muffin activities. Dislikes reality tv shows about rich people, chocolate, and hot weather. The straight-edge, workaholic, easy-going, hippie bohemian filmmaker, actor, and artist.

Yes, we realize this is probably only amusing to us. Deal.